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During the explosion of Covid pandemic, I experienced life and death so closely which had a great impact on me and has completely brought revolution and changed my life . I am very confident of myself and keep a very positive thinking, and firmly believe if you do good to others, good will come back to you. “ Do good and reap good”. I have surrendered myself completely for charity work for distressed and for people who are in dire need. Most of my lifetime savings have also been utilized for charity work and saving people during corona times. Since childhood the spark was always there to do something special, extraordinary and exceptional for the welfare of human being, uplifting the life style of a common man and always to do something for the society and the nation.

Anil Dhawan


After Covid pandemic my life is just a blend of charity and paintings. Now I have a dual responsibility. First, it was more than a miracle in my life when at the age of 67, I made my first painting without any background experience or coaching. My hidden talent emerged as a great artist. There was great hard work, dedication, sincerity and determination to do something.

I make my paintings exclusively and only for my loved ones who are very close to my heart. They are the people who became the source of inspiration and motivation for me as I got very impressed with their innovative ideas, outstanding performance and remarkable achievements. It may be in any field, business, innovation , environment, space exploration, science and technology, doing charity for good cause, disaster relief or upliftment of society or the nation which makes a person to stand out and to become a role model for next generation.

At the age of 67, during the short duration of two years I worked day and night, specifically during the corona time and made more than 500 exotic paintings. My collection of paintings include the eminent great well known personalities in the world, Nobel prize winners, Corona paintings, heads of many countries, popular presidents of USA, Queen Elizabeth, most eminent and popular rich people in the world, Hollywood and Bollywood actors and actresses, great singers, dancers, instrument players of entertainment industry, Indian Government's achievements and implementation of their programs, magical paintings, freedom fighters , few very exclusive and innovative paintings, historian paintings and paintings of most popular showman in India.

I do not put any price tag on my paintings. It gives me an immense pleasure when I just gift my painting to my loved ones who are an inspiration for me . Any funds raised or generated through my paintings are utilized only for charitable purpose and Noble cause.

Rabindranath Tagore (Indian) and Vincent Van Gogh (Dutch) are my idol, mentor who not only inspired me but the whole world got inspired with their innovative, exclusive paintings. Rabindranath Tagore began wielding his brush at the age of 67. He was regarded as the outstanding creative artist of early 20th century in India. In 1913 he became the first non European to receive a Nobel prize . He made more than 2000 paintings. He himself called his art “ An affair of the old age” . Vincent Van Gogh was a Dutch post-impressionist painter who posthumously became one of the most famous painter of the world.

I have surrendered myself to extend all sort of help and services to people who are in distress and dire need of help. During covid, I saw people in crisis, dying and losing their lives in front of my eyes. It was the requirement and also the right opportunity to extend all sorts of co-operation and assistance in a best possible manner to save their precious lives. It may be in any form, may it be food and nutrition, medical or financial assistance, providing shelter or to send them to their hometown. I picked up this opportunity gracefully, happily and willingly. Since we had a small infrastructure, our contribution was just a drop in the ocean. We never go for our recognition or wait for an appreciation. We just focus on our mission, vision, goal and do the needful instantly as per the requirement of time. Now the need of time is to have a bigger infra structure.

We have far reaching impact in helping the under privileged, deprived people to march ahead in life. We played a critical role in helping the needy in India, more intensively during the outbreak of the pandemic providing aid and assistance to the distressed and elevating the socio-economic status of countrymen. Our main focus and priorities are issues like poverty, human rights, health and nutrition, care of elderly people, humanitarian relief, disease control and help the victims of disaster. We plug the gap left by the Government by improving the lives of most marginalized communities. We work in two ways, Firstly providing direct benefits like distribution of food to all, nutrition food to mal-nourished children, providing school uniform, clothes, shoes and shelter to the victims of disaster. Our funds are also utilized directly or indirectly in promotion of Govt. launched program for everyone. I have dedicated myself to fulfill the ultimate ambition, which is the necessity to create bigger infrastructure to make our reach accessible to every countrymen. Secondly, we are close associate of Shaheed Bhagat Singh Sewa Dal who came up as a true covid warrior. It is one organization who alone cremated almost 2500 dead bodies, claimed and unclaimed. Our assistance and contribution to them was very significant. We also assist and make significant contribution to few other charitable organizations like Blind school, Leprosy village, SOS village for children and many other such charitable and religious organizations that are involved in very specific field of services. In all such organizations, our services and donations are on regular basis. During covid time we worked almost 24 hours a day.

Anil Dhawan

At the age of 69 when people look for retirement to enjoy rest of their life, I am fully determined, fully charged, full of enthusiasm to intensify and extensify my charitable activities in a big way which are purely in the welfare of people, society and nation as it is my ultimate goal and ambition of life.

I have explored my talent at the age of 67 to make exotic world class paintings and have dedicated my talent to generate funds through my paintings for charity.

Most of the funds generated shall be utilized for acceleration of our charitable activities, its advancement and other promotional activities for distressed and needy people I have also dedicated and surrendered myself for upliftment of status of a common man , society and nation.

I humbly request you to kindly vote for my paintings and support me generously, whole heartedly as it is all for a Noble cause. I highly value your support as it will be a very great help to fulfill my dreams and ambitions of life.


While thanking, I express my sincere gratitude for gifting two of your very precious, exotic, exceptionally good paintings made especially for me.

Jitender Singh Shunty Padma Shri Awardee

It is the perfect time to tell you how much progress children have made during the year and how much I appreciate you.

Maalika Chadha SOS Children's Villages

We sincerely thank to Mr. Dhawan of B96 Naraina Vihar, New Delhi-110028 for continuous support in the form of providing food for our students.

A. David The Blind Relief Association
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